The best Christmas present ever…

“You’re coming. You’re not being left behind this year.”

I’d been sitting at my parents’ dining room table, listening to the discussion about the next tropical vacation and where it should be held. Mexico? Cuba? Dominican Republic? The discussion was quite lively. I listened with one ear, knowing this was yet another trip I couldn’t afford. In the past two years my family’s been to Sri Lanka, Cuba, a Caribbean cruise, and the Dominican Republic so I’ve gotten used to listening. And then my Mom made her comment to me. It was going to be my Christmas present. Wow! What a present!

It’s a hot October day here, like shorts weather hot, so it feels weird to be discussing Christmas, let alone a holiday that won’t take place until March. But I’ve never been to the Caribbean before so I’m pretty excited. I can’t believe I’m going to be here in five short months…

Screenshot (53)

Of course I’ve got worries, I wouldn’t have anxiety if I didn’t. The two realistic ones are, will I get my period on the vacation and will they have vegan food. The period one will have to wait until I see my gynecologist at the end of the month. I want to see if I can take the birth control pill for a couple of months to stop my period. Because there’s not much more that could wreck the vacation except for a “you can’t go into the water” period. And I’ll have to contact the resort closer to March about the vegan foods. Their site says they accommodate “special diets” so that looks promising.

And meanwhile I look at the pictures and can’t wait to swim in the ocean. There’s got to be so many fish by those reefs! And I have to find this waterfall…

Screenshot (54)

And now to wait. Hopefully five months won’t go by too slowly!

5 thoughts on “The best Christmas present ever…

  1. Two things I never worry about, or ever did, as a vegan you can always eat vegetables/salads and if it is your lifestyle, prepare for it, bring some of your needs along, also I am sure there will be vegan options, as many people are following special diets these days. Taking birth control pills to control your period for your vacation? Who says you can’t go into the water? Are you afraid you will attract sharks? Actually water is very soothing, (warm) and swimming is good exercise for cramps, discomfort if it happens. I’d say just relax and enjoy the trip and go with whatever happens, be in the now then, and enjoy your family and this opportunity to see another part of the world…anxiety related to a vacation is normal, prepare yourself and whatever comes, being prepared helps reduce the stress. If you don’t take hormones now, why take them for the trip? Hormones certainly affect your mood, as you know, you may not be prepared for those side effects, especially mixed with other drugs. Be well and enjoy the thoughts of traveling this spring.

    • Thanks šŸ™‚ My period has gotten heavier since perimenopause started and I’m worried I’d leave a *cloud* behind me while I swam. Although sharks are a concern too. I didn’t even think about the mood issues. I’ll have to talk to my psychiatrist as well.

      I’ve heard the veggies and fruits are really good so I’ll definitely be eating a lot of those!

  2. Silly girl….a cloud?, You’re watching too many crazy movies I think. Ever hear about those “cups” you insert them, as opposed to a tampon, they are supposed to be able to handle several hours, even 10-12 hours, you remove and empty, then reinsert. Actually eco-friendly and not just a wad of absorbing cotton and fibers. They may be very helpful, look them up on-line. I forget the brand names. Anyway, maybe even a scuba suit, summer weight, with a zipper would work if you’re really that concerned. I suggest yoga, deep breathing and “OHM” meditation….I attend one tonight, great stress and pain reliever.

    • When I was in perimenopause, I had issues with my period starting out of the blue and being quite heavy. I was always pretty regular, but in my mid-to late forties, I’d skip a month or two and then have two or three months flow for several days. I almost always leaked at night and it was terrible. Anyway, do what you are comfortable with, Kathleen. I’m sure you’ll figure out something! Have a great trip! I’m so glad you get to go!

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