Woke people need to stay in their lane…

I am so tired of people who claim to be woke. They’re not very woke, they need a few more hours sleep because they’re cranky as hell and don’t always make much sense. In their minds, they are the chosen few who have risen above racism and cast judgement on us lesser people. In reality they’re harassing their allies and driving them away.

I had a friend who got mad at me for saying Roseanne Barr was a horrible person for dressing up as Hitler and pulling little burnt Jewish cookies out of a gas oven. I needed to “stay in my lane”. Several Jewish people said it was fine and they agreed with me. She spoke over them to tell me, once again, to stay in my lane. I simply said “no” and got unfriended.

And now, today, I have a “friend” who posted this…

ridiculous radicals

Gee… I wonder if a “radical” wrote this. I am a Liberal and have no interest in being Radical. I also don’t think that POC need to learn how to act like white people. I believe we need to accept people as themselves. So I wrote, “I’m liberal but don’t think that at all.” Short and sweet, right? This was the response…

Holy shitballs folks, maybe when something angers you it’s time to examine why you’re so angry…

Because I, btw, do not consider myself a liberal exactly because of how invested in white supremacy liberals in the USA are.

And because any discussion about race leads to white folks moaning about how “not them” instead of calling out other white people.

Not every generalization applies to you as an individual, get over yourselves. They apply to liberals GENERALLY.

Although I find the ones quickest to #notall are usually the most guilty need to be defensive.

That you even get to argue this shit is a privilege. Deal with the fact that you are racist and do better instead of thinking that when I complain about men/whites/liberals I’m calling you out personally.

Unless, you know, them shoes fit.

For someone who’s claiming myself and the other person who commented are angry, she sure has a lot of rage. I responded that her response was full of anger and she might want to look in a mirror. She was not happy to be told that.

People need to stop pinning labels on others and making assumptions about their beliefs and prejudices. Instead they need to treat each individual as just that, an individual. Black people can be prejudiced against other POC, southern Baptists can end up being supportive of trans people, white liberals can be open minded, and radicals can be ignorant.

If you build a big wall of intolerance between you and your neighbour, you are never going to see your similarities and you’ll never get the chance to actually know them.

Sadly, I don’t think this friend is going to try and listen but hopefully someone will because racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia are growing and the people who should be fighting against it are fighting their allies and calling them names instead.


3 thoughts on “Woke people need to stay in their lane…

  1. Let me guess: the friend who called you out, complete with appropriation of “folks” and “them shoes fit” from African-American Vernacular English (AAVE), was white as the driven snow. That’s usually the way. When you see this sort of thing only pop up during arguments, it’s a major racist red flag. They are using black-coded phrases and terminology specifically to trade on a perception of black people as more intimidating and angry, in order to shut down discussion.

    Let that sink in for a minute. They’re actually using anti-black stereotypes to give themselves, as white people, a better chance of winning a political argument with another white person.

    This is what they believe constitutes anti-racist praxis.

    • She was of Mexican descent, which I didn’t know until about halfway through the argument. That being said, she was using vernacular that wasn’t from her race. The couple of friends supporting her were as white as the driven snow. I have never had a black person use those terms against me, we’ve always just chatted instead.

    • Still thinking. I tend to overthink things. I didn’t treat her any differently than I would anyone else. I’m a firm believer in equal rights. I support my friends right up until they crap on me and listen to my friends of colour (which I didn’t know until after I replied). By then her white friends had joined in and I have no qualms about arguing with white people when they’re being asses. But, in the end, I think equality is what’s important (as long as I’m not trampling on someone else’s culture).

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