And the official date is…

My Mom and I went to my new neighbourhood last Sunday. She drove slowly past my new building as I alternated between taking pictures and checking out the plaza across the street. It was everything Google Maps showed me and more. I hadn’t realized there was a dentist office in there. Then we went downtown and walked around, meandering through shops and stopping for a yummy lunch in a small cafe. Their curried soup was heavenly. Then we went home.

I was on a walk in the Cedar Valley Conservation Area on Wednesday when I got a call from an unknown number. I know people say just to ignore them but every agency I belong to uses unknown or private numbers and I’d miss a lot if I ignored them. This time it was a lady in the housing department telling me the official move in date is October 1st.

It is so nice to have a set date to aim for. To know when to start packing and calling moving companies. That being said, moving is going to be a nightmare with everyone moving in on the same day!

Colin is still determined to stay here but at least there’s time now to let the professionals talk him into something more affordable. And one agency we belong to is sending someone out to help him organize and clean up his stuff, which will make moving so much easier. He’s a packrat and if I try to help, he blames anything missing on me. Meanwhile a stranger will only be here a short time and then she’ll be gone. He can blame her but it’ll be pointless and she’ll never know.

I found a bathroom set at Homesense today. My little bit of excitement. I wanted a set with a toothbrush holder and most places simply don’t have them. Maybe everyone’s using electric toothbrushes? But I found one painted a deep gold (almost bronze) and it will match my shower curtain and wall art so it’s perfect.

144 days left until I move. I have a feeling the time is going to fly by!


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