Not worth my time…

I recently wrote a blog post about trolls and their poor reading comprehension skills but, honestly, they’re not worth the time. My life and my time deserves better people involved in it.

behind you for a reason

For my real readers. I’ve been struggling a lot these past two months while my medication is slowly being adjusted. I’m sure it will get better eventually, I just have to get there. And having everything buried in boxes doesn’t help me either. But the day will come when they get moved and I’ll finally be in my new place. I just have to be patient (easier said than done).

Oh and Blackie’s grant has been approved. She’s got her blood work done, then antibiotics on the 10th and soon we’ll be on to her extractions on the 14th! I can’t wait until she’s happy and comfortable again.

It’s a gorgeous day out there, albeit cold. Go out there if you can and enjoy the sunshine. I’ll be out there as soon as I get the dye rinsed out of my hair.


My new building. I’m assuming they’re working on an underground lot. I can’t wait until I move!

2 thoughts on “Not worth my time…

  1. Trolls if nothing else their good for a lafe every now and then, now if they only looked like the adorable ones that would be even funnier 😁.


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