Half a century…

me and my cake croppedFifty years old. I’d counted ahead years ago and knew it was going to happen in 2020 but that seemed so far away… sometime in the distant future. It was so unreal, I couldn’t wrap my head around it. To be honest, I never thought I’d make it this long. And here I am, halfway to a hundred.

Fifty doesn’t feel like what I thought it would feel. I don’t feel that old. My shoulders hurt occasionally but that’s it for pain. I love to go for hikes. And if my local mall ever offered a slide as an option instead of stairs I’d be first in line.

But little things trip me up. I can’t believe 1990 is 30 years ago. How did it get so far away so fast? And I’m finding techy things more and more confusing, which feels weird as someone who once worked in technical support. I don’t own a television and have no clue how to operate modern remote controls. I don’t even know what half the buttons are on my microwave.

My birthday was yesterday and I had my parents, sister, and nephews over for dinner. We had curry, pizza, and vegan cheesecake then opened presents. It was a lot of fun and so nice to have everyone over. My place might not be large but it’s welcoming and I think that’s more important.

The presents are put away, the couple of cake slices are in the fridge along with the last serving of curry, and the wrappings are down the chute. My celebration is done for another year. Now it’s time to get on with life and living. I’ve got another fifty years to work on!

9 thoughts on “Half a century…

  1. Happy Birthday, youngster! I remember when I turned 50 and thought it was pretty intense. But heck, now I’ve survived 60, and this past February became officially a senior at 65!! I feel much younger and look pretty good too I think, certainly not like an old lady. AND more significant, I notice that I am inclined to want to wear a bit more sexy clothing and reveal the good parts that are left, being my legs and cleavage. Funny because generally, I don’t wear that type of clothing, I am not saying blatant reveal but more so than usual, and I like my more sexy pajamas too. Maybe that is something that happens when we get older and more comfortable in our present body, and accept ourselves, or maybe it’s so darn HOT I am wearing this stuff to feel cool. So, enjoy your 50 years and wear the “sexy stuff” or something different than your usual just to celebrate YOU! I wish you 15 more years plus, I know that after 50 nothing really feels quite so surprising, and 65 is not so bad, it’s just a number and a state of mind. Be beautiful because you are already, just have to know it and show it! Have a happy year! By the way, i read all of your posts, but some times I don’t reply because I just think about it.

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