Help Lines

Trans Lifeline (Canada): 877-330-6366 (US): 877-565-8860
Samaritans (UK): 08457 90 90 90
The Trevor Project (US LGBTQ youths ages 13-24): 1-866-488-7386
Youth Line (Ontario LGBTQ youths up to 26): 1-800-268-9688
Samaritans (Australia): 135 247
OutLineNZ (New Zealand): 0800 OUTLINE  (6885463)
Crisis Text Line (US): text “go” to 741741
Crisis Text Line (Canada): text “talk” for English and “texto” for French 686868
PFLAG Canada: 1-888-530-6777
PrideLine Durham (Durham Region, Ontario any age): 1-855-87-PRIDE
Distress Centre Durham: 905-430-2522 (Oshawa and surrounding area) 1-800-452-0688
Canada Suicide Prevention: 1-833-456-4566 text 45645 Chat and text are only available from 5pm to 1am
Trans Ally Moms to call for support
A list, via captainglittertoes‘ page, of links for trans people of colour
A list of world wide suicide crisis lines
List of international crisis lines
Nonbinary Support Page on Tumblr

10 Ways to “Reach Out” – because all the help in the world won’t matter if you can’t figure out how to ask for it.

Educational Links

LGBTQ Terms – yeah, the title pretty much sums it up
LGBTQ+ Terms and Definitions – more information
Neutrois Nonsense
 – Micah has information and posts on being agender and transitioning
The Genderbread Person – easy to read information explaining the differences between gender, sexual attraction, and gender expression (also, yes, I’m aware he’s controversial but this has been recommended to me by several trans people)
Kathleen’s Introductory Guide to Trans – this is written by me and aimed at my fellow cis people. It’s hopefully simple and easy to understand

Resources for Parents

Raising my Rainbow – a blog by the mother of a gender creative child. Informative, well written, and often funny. Little CJ is absolutely fabulous.
TransActive Gender Centre – a US group that offers education, counselling, support, and binders for youths (not the three ring ones)
Gender Spectrum – a wide expanse of information and resources for just about every aspect of life from school, home, doctors, and courts
Trans Youth Equality Foundation – education, advocacy, and support for trans and gender creative youths and their families
Gender Creative Kids Canada – a Canadian group that offers support, education, and local groups
Rainbows at Play – play groups for gender creative kids
Secular Trans*Parent Support – a closed Facebook group for parents/guardians of trans or gender creative children. This is a small group started by a friend of mine and, yes, I am an active member. It’s an active and welcoming group for supportive parents.
Parents of Transgender Children – a closed Facebook group for parents/guardians of trans or gender creative children. This is a large group with over a thousand members.
TYFA Assembling a “Safe” Folder – This is very important. If you have young children, please put one together.
Transgender Resources for Parents – This website was written by the Mom of a trans son and aimed at parents who have just discovered their child is trans.

Resources for Everyone

Wipe Out Transphobia – Information, support, and activism
PFLAG – the US chapter
PFLAG – the Canadian chapter
PFLAG – the UK chapter
PFLAG – the Australia chapter
PFLAG – the New Zealand chapter
PFLAG International – yes, it took me five whole links before I thought of trying for an international page *head desk*
GLAAD – big and vocal group… I understand they can offer help to LGBTQ individuals if needed
LGBTQ+ and Substance Abuse – a US website offering lots of advice and resources for those struggling with an addiction.
Alcohol Addiction – a US website offering advice and resources for alcohol addiction.
Asexual Visibility and Support Network – information about asexuality (and forums)
Assigned Male – a web comic about a precocious girl named Stephie
ChaosLife – a web comic about a couple, their cats, and their snake
Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls – direct quote from Facebook “Join Jesska, Slightly, and the gang on their nerdy queer adventures in their fight for justice and uhh, some other stuff that sounds cool.”
AJ & Magnus – another direct quote from Facebook “A rambunctious boy, his enormous mastiff best friend, his two dads, and his eccentric friends. Life’s an adventure!”

I will add more links as I find them. Also, if anyone has a link they’d like to share please feel free to message it to me.

11 thoughts on “Resources

  1. I’ve added a link to “The Shimmer Verse”: It is to the first episode in a graphic novel about Shimmer, a transgender superhero, however, the author, Miranda Sparks is working on other stuff and if you just go to her home page, you get the most recent in that series. I haven’t finished, “Starlight, Star Bright” (about Shimmer), but I love what I’ve read. You can also follow Miranda Sparks on Facebook.

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