A mish-mash of information…

I’ve been meaning to write a post since Tuesday but I’ve been getting up at 4:45am all week and am exhausted by the time I get home. After dinner’s normally my prime writing time, except this week I’ve been left feeling like I *almost* have the mental capacity to count to potato.

One thing I have been working on is a resources page and I’ve finally finished today (I’ve been working on it since Monday). I was going to add a link here but really all you need to do is look up. The tab is beside my about section or in the menu section if you’re on your phone.

There was some tentative good news this week in Canada. Bill 10 in Alberta, which regards Gay Straight Alliances (GSAs) in school, was put on hold before the third reading. A friend of mine who lives in Alberta wrote an amazing post on this here.

I’ve got this whole weekend off. First thing I’m going to do is sleep in, which considering I’ll be in bed by 8pm again tonight means I’ll probably be up around the same time as the sun rises tomorrow. The good part is that gives me the chance to get to the mall right when it opens and hopefully before the hoards descend. The best part is there’s a good chance Jeremy will still be asleep when I leave so I can pick up the last of zir stocking stuffers.

I hope the resources I found are helpful. Go… browse… enjoy… there are comics at the end 🙂


And good news from Canada…


Twelve year old Wren Kauffman has a new birth certificate with an M instead of an F. You can read the article via the picture.

Also, Jeremy had his last day of school today, which wasn’t good news for Canada but it’s great news for me since I won’t need to wake him at 4:45am tomorrow.