The best zir in the world…

“Where do we keep the mop?” Jeremy yelled from the kitchen. Quite frankly those are words I don’t want to hear. Neither of my kids ever volunteer to mop the floor.

“It’s in the storage closet,” I replied as I set my phone down and dislodged a cat from my lap. “Why? What happened?”

“Oh nothing,” Jeremy said hastily. “And don’t come in!”

Well that didn’t make me feel any better. Nothing upgraded my fears from zir knocking over zir water jug to an accidental flood.

“If nothing happened, what do you need the mop for?” By this time I was halfway across the room.

“You’ll see,” Jeremy crooned in a sing-song voice that practically dripped with satisfaction.

And, with that, my fear dropped. There’s a lot of things Jeremy’s happy about but causing a huge mess isn’t one of them.

I picked up my phone but didn’t go back to Facebook. Instead I listened intently just in case I was needed.

“Mom’s going to love this,” Jeremy said loudly to zirself. “She’s going to say I’m the best zir in the world!” There was silence for a few moments then zie added happily, “I’m the best zir in the whole world!”

I couldn’t help smiling, I still can’t help it now.

“Okay, you can come in now,” zie said cheerfully.

I walked over to the kitchen and looked at my microwave sitting where my fridge used to be. A half turn showed me that my shelving unit had been moved as well. And, obviously, the fridge.

“I mopped the floor where the fridge was,” Jeremy exclaimed. “Aren’t I the best ever?”

“You definitely are,” I said before I pulled zir into a hug.