One more week until school…

I started off this day with a long walk in a nearby greenspace, listening to the wind in the trees while avoiding poison ivy. And in exactly an hour, Jeremy’s getting picked up to go to an end of summer pool party with the other UU youths from our congregation. It’s hard to believe while I’m sitting enjoying a leisurely summer day, that in one more week he’ll be at school.

I am not looking forward to printing out 40 pages of information for Jeremy’s teacher on our school board (and Canada’s) policies regarding trans and gender nonconforming youths. But then again I’m equally not looking forward to another year where she chides him on the length and colour of his hair, encourages classmates to tell him how much better he’d look with short hair, criticizes the length of his nails, and talks to the students¬†about how boys and girls are supposed to behave.

I also need to write a letter to his teacher, not just regarding gender nonconformity but dealing with electronics as well. Jeremy finds writing a lot easier by computer, which makes sense considering he has fine motor skill difficulties, language based learning disabilities, and processing issues. His teacher has refused to do anything regarding this, claiming computers are for the kids with severe speech delays and he doesn’t qualify. Now he has my old netbook with an external keyboard and wants to bring that in. I’m foreseeing a lot of issues with this. I’m hoping they’ll look at what he needs instead of fretting over him “bringing gadgets to class”. Gadgets being their name for just about anything he wants to carry with him.

I get that he can be a holy terror at school, I really do. I mean he referred to his teacher as “the asshole” a couple of days ago so I know he’s not an innocent bundle of sunshine. And, yes, I call him out on this behaviour. The flip side is he’s planning on dropping out as soon as he’s 18 years old (his class runs through to 21 years old) because he feels the teachers and principal all hate him and don’t want him there. He’s spent a good chunk of this summer worrying about next year and fretting over things that have happened at school over the past two years. And he’s got some valid concerns.

Sigh, can I flip the calendar back and have it be July again?