My life as it is…

I woke up this morning to discover Jeremy had made me breakfast to eat in my room which is so not typical for them. And, even more surprising, they weren’t dropping hints for anything. Breakfast was edible too. Mega bonus!

I was going to head out to a group called “Bucket Lists and Life’s Adventures” but finished breakfast a bit too late and went for a bike ride with Jeremy instead. It was a beautiful day here in Ontario and absolutely incredible, colour wise…


So pretty!

“Can you hold my bike?” Jeremy asked when we got back to the front of the building. I nodded and held it steady while they ran inside.

“Only some jerk got mail,” Jeremy said with a laugh as they threw a letter into my bike basket. It was from the Ministry of Community and Social Services. Not to be confused with the Ministry of Magic.

I opened it as soon as we got inside our apartment and the words jumped out at me.

The Disability Adjudication Unit has reviewed your disability and found that you meet the program’s definition of disability.

In most ways this is good. I’ll have money to live off of, a drug card for my bucket of meds, and an discounted bus pass which will give me transportation through the region. But I have to admit that seeing the letter proclaiming I’m disabled was a shock. The word comes with a fair bit of baggage. I’m not sure my stuffed dragon and I can hold it all (it’s a very small dragon).


Jeremy and I took a break after we got home then my Mom and I took a whole big load of stuff to our local Value Village (pronounced Value Vill-aghe with a slight nose tilt and a bad accent). I had five ficus trees on my balcony but the kittens kept climbing them so I now have two. Plus we got rid of my wicker rocking chair (I can rock well enough without it) and Jeremy’s too small elliptical. We suddenly have living room space!

Today was supposed to be my trip to downtown London, England to ride the London Eye and see Wicked with my ex boyfriend. I’d like to lie and say that the stuff I did today more than made up for the missed trip, but seriously? Today was supposed to be the highlight of what I thought would be an amazing trip and a ride through woods I’ve seen a hundred times and a run to a second hand store doesn’t compare. But, sigh, that was then… another lifetime ago… and this is now. And today was pretty damn good (and came with a delivery of breakfast).

A summer picnic…

I got Jeremy out of the apartment for a bike ride and picnic today 🙂 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA What you can’t see in the picture are the speakers and netbook he set up in the backpack so he could have music to bike by. Or maybe you can, if I can figure out how to upload a video.

Woo hoo… I did it. Course I had to create a YouTube page but I did it. Just pretend I’m not speaking in the video because I hate the way I sound :/


I love this trail. It goes from right downtown to Lake Ontario and, while we’re nowhere near being in the wilderness, there’s plenty of woods along the trail with lots of chirping birds and the sounds of the creek burbling over the rocks (especially once the batteries in Jeremy’s netbook died).

And we finally made it…


I love hazy summer days where the horizon pretty much disappears.

And one last shot. I wanted a shot to show our sparkly nails but my pale green polish doesn’t show up at all. And, umm, that’s a shadow, not copious amounts of Jeremy sweat…


I hope everyone’s had as wonderful of a day as we have 🙂