I stink at rules…

So, I kind of got nominated for the Liebster Award. I looked at the whole long list of rules then decided to pretty much ignore them all, I’m not good with rules. And like janitorqueer, who nominated me, I am also the kiss of death for any chain letter I’ve ever received.

I do, however, like the idea behind the award. An introduction to the blogger and sharing favourite blogs. So, I’m going to do that part.

1. My name is not Michelle and Jeremy’s real name is not Jeremy. Jeremy isn’t out and I’ve got no interest in actually outing him. One of my big concerns is I’m going to slip up and either use Jeremy’s real name here or call him Jeremy in real life. If I use his real name here, I can at least edit it out quickly. It would be harder to explain in real life why I’ve apparently forgotten the name of my own son.

2. I’d like to be organized but I ignore mess so I can write, chat with friends on Facebook (usually Lenny), and read. When I say write, I’ve written two novels for which I’m now trying to find agents, plus I’m currently working on a third novel. Also, I have no idea how I’ll be able to share those novels here seeing as I’m writing using my real name and using a pseudonym here. I usually walk around without my glasses on, which makes it easier to ignore the clutter although I’m more likely to trip over things.

3. My family thinks I’m weird. No really; they’re a nice, normal, suburban family and then there’s me. I’m an atheist but attend church regularly and I’m a vegan while they’re all confirmed meat eaters. If you run into someone in the grocery store wearing brightly coloured mismatched socks, singing to the canned music, and chatting up random strangers… chances are it’s me. Actually, when you get right down to it, everyone thinks I’m weird. I went to a renowned children’s hospital when I was six years old and was given a battery of tests. At the end my official diagnosis was… I’m a square peg in a round hole. If I knew where that paperwork was, I’d get it framed.

4. I’ve got three cats and two guinea pigs, which is two guinea pigs more than I actually want; I had no idea they lived so long. Emma begged for them when she was 13 years old and I figured they had a lifespan like hamsters, two years tops. No, they live until they’re eight, which means we have about three years to go. Meanwhile Emma lost interest in them after a year. Jeremy’s taught one of our cats to give hugs, another cat likes to sleep under the covers at night, and the third sleeps on his back with all four paws in the air.

5. I pretty much live under a rock. I don’t have cable, I rarely watch movies, and I just listen to songs because I like them. I also don’t watch sports of any type. When people talk about celebrities, I usually have no idea at all who they’re talking about. My news comes from Facebook so I get lots of cute cat and dog videos and a whole whack of pro-LGBTQ news (which is handy for posts here).

That’s enough stuff about me. If anyone’s got any burning questions, I can answer them below.

Now for the blogs. These are the blogs I read regularly (some are updated more frequently than others). They’re in no particular order and will all open in their own tab:


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