Googling my way through town…

It’s April now and I know no more about my apartment than I did a month ago, which is really anxiety inducing but nothing I can change. They simply don’t have the information. Although if they could stop saying things like, “I doubt it’ll be ready for May” when it’s already April, that would be a help. What I do have is Google Maps, which I used as well when we moved here.

Two months ago my Mom drove me around my new neighbourhood, which gave me a decent idea of the distances involved, although I won’t get any real idea until I’m walking around. For now I’m using Google Map’s satellite view to get a better idea.

It turns out there’s a vet clinic and a pizza place directly across the street from my new building. That is going to be so handy… and yummy. They have three different veggie pizzas and I should be able to get them just to keep the cheese off. Plus I just found a new vegan cheese and it’s so very good. It should be great sliced on top of pizza.

I might or might not have just gone to get Fauxmagerie zengarry double creme vegan cheese and a sleeve of garlic crackers from the kitchen.

There’s a Planet Fitness near the grocery store and a Japanese restaurant that sells tempura vegetables, avocado sushi, and tempura sweet potato sushi. You know, because there has to be a balance in life.

I also found a Thai restaurant in town. It looks like a bit of a hike but, after eating tom yum soup and golden curry, I’m sure the walk (or roll depending on how round my belly is) will be necessary.

And I found the couch I want to buy for my apartment at Structube. The miloh sofabed. It’s really a futon but, shhh, don’t tell that to Structube. I really like the blue and think it’ll look good with my mermaid sequin and blue butterfly pillows.

Now to wash the dishes and slowly wait for the move. Hopefully it’ll be as good, or better, than anticipated!