Feeling blah…

mask from Mom

Homemade mask from my Mom

It was Good Friday, April 10th, and throughout the day I developed a mildly runny nose and a slight dry cough, both of which could easily be caused by allergies. They worsened the next day and I started feeling short of breath. Easter Sunday found me tired, coughing, sweating off and on, and short of breath. I took an online covid-19 test and bombed the second question. That wasn’t good. There was no way I was walking to the local hospital, not when simply cleaning the kitty litter left me short of breath and needing a break, so I called Telehealth, an Ontario healthline staffed with nurses.

I originally tried their covid-19 line but you needed to have contact with an infected person and I have no idea if I did or not. It’s not like I asked the people I passed in the grocery store if they were sick. So I had to go through their regular line, which had an astronomical wait. I elected for a call back and got one four hours later. They were swamped! The nurse wanted me to go to the hospital but by then it was cold, dark, and I was too tired to walk a half hour anyway. So she gave me a website which linked me up to video chat with a doctor. That was great. Obviously she couldn’t take my temperature (and I don’t own a thermometer) but she was able to see me and hear my cough.

The end result is I have a viral infection but whether it’s the flu or covid-19 she couldn’t say, and it’s too mild for me to go to the hospital for testing. So now I wait… and read… and scrapbook… and pace myself with cleaning and cooking. My energy levels suck and I’m spending a lot more time just sitting in my swing chair listening to music. I can’t even read a full chapter of a book, I just can’t concentrate.

Thankfully Colin’s feeling fine. We don’t need his move screwed up any more than it already has been. But he needs to stay isolated too. So he’s watching lots of movies, cleaning up, and packing. The organization that’s helping him will drop off groceries and, hopefully, in exactly two weeks, he’ll be on his way to the new apartment.

Meanwhile I sit here and play word games… and read… and watch Doctor Who. I’m tired enough and out of energy enough that I’ve got no real interest in going outside. And hopefully by the time I feel better and can be sprung from here, we’ll have some spring weather for my walks!