Social isolation stuff…

It’s hard being stuck inside day after day, only leaving occasionally for important chores like grocery shopping and picking up medicine. It’s been weeks already and they’re already talking about this taking months. Hopefully my birthday, at the end of July, won’t be just the cats and I. It’s my 50th birthday and I’d like to celebrate, preferably at the spa. Obviously health and safety take precedence but I’d like to unwind with family and celebrate.

Meanwhile we’re all scrambling to find things to do. I’ve been reading a fair bit. I just finished a book by Anne Bishop in her “The Others” series and am now reading a book by Patricia Briggs in her “Mercy Thompson” series. Both are so good. Colin’s lent me his Doctor Who CDs and I’m slowly rewatching the series. And I’ve been scrapbooking and cooking. Mmm… cooking…


I’m having this tonight too

I’ve noticed that a few people have found my blog and are going through and reading a bunch of posts. Welcome and enjoy! We were using pseudonyms when I started writing back in 2013. Colin was Jeremy (which was the name Kait would have been if she was born male), Kait was Emma (which was the name Colin would have been if he was born female), and I was Michelle (a name Colin picked at random). Then, to make things confusing, Colin transitioned to female (not medically) and decided to go by Emma, meaning the blog has two people going by that name, albeit not at the same time. Hopefully that’s not too confusing. I’ve also updated the about section since it hadn’t been updated in a year.

There’s not too much more to say. I did my housework this morning and have alternated between a word game app, listening to music, going on Facebook, chatting with family, and reading. Now it’s time for a little more Facebook and some Doctor Who. I’m so glad I’m an introvert, I don’t know how all you extroverts are managing!

Stay healthy, stay safe, and take care!!!