Colin really needed a new phone. It didn’t always answer calls and, when it did, it sounded like he’d answered inside a washing machine… while it was running. He’d been browsing phones online and none of them really jumped out at him. But I’m going away in March and he knew I’d want a good camera on my phone so I wouldn’t have to lug my big camera with me. So he offered to upgrade his phone, give me the new phone, and take my phone (which still worked well). I accepted the offer, knowing my phone was in good condition. He can get my upgrade phone in June.

We got to Virgin Mobile at just the right time because their LG G7 One had switched from being $460 to free on a gold plan ten minutes earlier. That was the one Colin wanted for me, the one he felt would be perfect.

I figured, since it was an LG, it would be similar to my LG G5 but it’s not. I think I’ve figured out most of the phone though. The calendar is different and I have to call two doctors to find out my appointments because they disappeared during the transfer but everything else seems to have stayed.

The camera, which is hugely important to me, has 16mp and takes decent photos. Plus it’s water resistant so I don’t have to worry too much about light rain or waterfall splashes, which will be a big deal in March. I took this picture yesterday on my walk and the colours were accurate and the lighting is good.

snowy path3

All in all, it was the one of the sweetest things Colin’s done for me. He is an amazing person (most of the time at least LOL).