An update of sorts on the Gay-Straight Alliance

I finally got a call back from the teacher running the GSA at Colin’s school. It was an interesting call.

The call started with a brief introduction, saying she’d gotten an email with my query, followed by an aggressive sounding, “Why were you calling about the GSA?”

I was surprised to say the least. First off, I’d called her last week and left a detailed voice message explaining exactly why I’d called. When I didn’t hear back from her, I contacted one of my former high school teachers (now retired) and got a number for the school board to see if they could give me any information on the GSA or at least let me know if it even existed in his school. And I told them exactly why I was calling. But, hey, explaining everything for the third time isn’t that hard.

The GSA at Colin’s school meets every Thursday at lunch time, not Monday as we were told originally. Not only that but there’s a poster with all the information (and even a rainbow) on the bulletin board.

Colin looked up from his decorating show at that. “Wait. We have a bulletin board?” he asked incredulously. “Where?”

That I didn’t know. It was also on the announcements, which according to Colin, are played between first and second period when everyone’s in the hall. This makes no sense whatsoever but explains why he keeps complaining he can’t hear them.

She could definitely understand why the secretaries didn’t know where or when the GSA meets because there are a lot of school activities.  And, to be fair, Colin says he ran into similar issues when he tried to find out where the robotics club was meeting. I’d like to think they’d be able to provide some sort of help, even if it’s just saying who would be best to call for more information. The vice principal put me on hold for less than a minute and was able to come back with the name of the teacher running the program. Why couldn’t the secretary have done the same for us?

Then the teacher admitted that there are currently NO STUDENTS ATTENDING. Yes, it is that well advertised. Somehow I’m not surprised. When I commented that maybe Colin wasn’t the only one who couldn’t find the group, I got told, once again, that there’s a poster on the bulletin board.

Kait’s school has posters pretty much everywhere. You can’t walk more than 10ft down a hallway without seeing a sign advertising for the GSA. I have never seen a GSA poster in Colin’s school. For that matter, I don’t know where the bulletin board is either. Maybe I’ll send Colin on a scavenger hunt for it when his school reopens  next week.

I’m glad I found out about the drop in group because so far the GSA sounds like a total bust.