Feeling hopeful…

The first thing I was asked at work was if I could pick up a heavy garbage bag and carry it out to the dumpster as no one else in the store was strong enough to lift it, let alone take it to the back lot and heave it in. I picked up the bag and the whole bottom split open spilling steaming coffee grounds and filters everywhere. I had to shovel it back up. Yes, it was one of those “it can only go up from here” days. And it tentatively has.

I posted about Jeremy’s issues with zir school last week… from the disaster of a meeting on Tuesday to zir being indefinitely suspended on Thursday and then I haven’t mentioned anything since. What happened is I talked to a friend of mine who volunteers with our local chapter of PFLAG and she gave me a name to contact. He in turn directed me to a school board official who has helped them out before with LGBTQ issues.

I got a call this afternoon. The school board official has talked to Jeremy’s school and explained the board’s official policy on transgender students to them since there was a bit of a misunderstanding. I *cough* hadn’t misread the information at all and the school is required to refer to Jeremy as zie and zir. They are going to call me tomorrow to set up another meeting and the board official will be there as well. He’s agreed that Jeremy should be there too. I expressed my concerns, including the fact that what they’re considering bad behaviour on Jeremy’s part has its roots in anxiety and feeling at risk and is not a blatant attempt to disobey them. With any luck we’ll have a meeting this Friday (which is my day off).

I told Jeremy that we’d be working on the safety plan again and got a glower. Then I added we were going to be working on ways to make zir feel safe at school and got such a hopeful look.

So no real news but still better news than what we had earlier.

I’m leaving you with a quote from Jeremy from earlier this evening when zie was adjusting the speakers in the kitchen. I think it shows how zie looks at the world…

“Mom, speakers are amazing. People look at them and say ‘so, it’s just a speaker’ but all they are is just a magnet and copper wire and they make every sound imaginable.”