Feeling dizzy…

“Mom, I’m dizzy,” Emma informed me yet again.

I paused, unable to tell if she was trying to shirk chores or if she really was feeling unwell. The odds were 50/50.

I settled on, “You can tell that to your doctor when you see him.”

Emma was satisfied with this, especially since she was seeing the doctor that week. The doctor was very thorough. He checked her blood pressure (which was low) her ears, her heart, and wrote out two sheets for blood work. One for then and one in two weeks.

Her complaints of dizziness concerned me about as much as her diet. Emma lives off cup of noodles, SideKicks Singapore Curry Noodles, frozen hash browns, and not much else. She hates all vegetables except potatoes… all fruit except for the occasional grape and apple… oh, and she’ll eat mushrooms.

I’ll make pizza from scratch and put hers on a plate then, a couple of days later, I’ll find three quarters of it in her room. I’ll make spaghetti and remind her she has a jar of plain tomato sauce. She’ll make cup of noodles instead.

She’s seeing a nutritionist, whom I’m sure is pulling out her hair. I know the nutritionist tried to get her to eat more fruits and vegetables instead of garbage food but it didn’t work. Finally she asked Emma to start eating meat.

The first I knew about this was on Friday night when Emma informed me that she was “‘thinking of eating meat again”. I believe I said “Oh okay” or something equally witty. Then we went out for lunch with my parents and Kait and Emma proudly announced, “I’m not vegan anymore. I’m going to eat meat”. She ordered the butter chicken.

I find myself torn. On one hand she insists the dizziness is gone (placebo effect maybe… it sure happened quickly) but on the other hand she’s not eating any healthier. She’s replaced her previous junk food with canned ravioli, Kraft Dinner, and some sort of thick and chunky beef stew.

I am absolutely no help for her when it comes to meat. I switched to being vegetarian when I was in college and have no real idea of how to cook it or how long it stays fresh. Neither do I want to. This is something Emma will have to learn on her own. Maybe she can find a cooking channel.

She’s been vegan for about two years now so it’s definitely going to take a bit for me to get used to seeing cheese on the fridge door and milk on the top shelf.