Jeremy’s 18th birthday presents…

This year I did a video instead of taking pictures of zir presents, simply because I got the coolest animated card…

And, since the lights didn’t show up well on the card, I took a second quick video…

Enjoy 🙂

Edited to add – Big Ben, not the tower of London. I just noticed what I said now.

The good stuff…

Jeremy loves Minecraft and plays it regularly but zie never plays on servers. Zir favourite thing in Minecraft is designing houses; huge homes with floor to ceiling windows, giant kitchens, and roof top views of the ocean. People take great delight in destroying Jeremy’s houses when zie plays online, which is why zie plays single player on our computer. Now Jeremy belongs to a private server* made solely for trans youths and, for the first time, Jeremy and zir house have been safe.

I wasn't kidding when I said huge.

Jeremy’s house. I wasn’t kidding when I said it was huge.


I think this is the smallest kitchen Jeremy’s made. Zie has at least a hundred mods downloaded to our desktop and zir kitchen usually has chandeliers. clocks, granite counter tops, polished wood tables, and double sinks. I’m guessing zir mods don’t work on the server. Zir second kitchen looked similar to this except it was underground.

ocean view

And, as always, zie has a gorgeous ocean view. Jeremy’s next development will be an ocean side pool.

town view

And zir view of the town, complete with not only the trans pride flag but a house with a pride flag window.

I am so glad Jeremy’s been able to join this server. Zie’s not only enjoying designing zir house, zie’s also been taking great pleasure in creating a shared mine and a chest full of freebies to give away to the other youths. Meanwhile I’m grateful to the person who put the time and effort into creating this server as it’s often Jeremy’s only social interaction.

This weekend was different though. This weekend Jeremy went to CLUUE, a Unitarian Universalist Youth event based around the murder mystery game Clue. Zie was overwhelmed at first as there were 51 youths (Jeremy was expecting around 10 to 15) but once the popcorn came out, zie relaxed and was fine. It helps that the UU gatherings ask for preferred pronouns and have multi-gender sleeping arrangements. Jeremy headed off with zir black sparkly pjs, a floral pillowcase and no worries.

And this Thursday is our monthly PFLAG meeting so zie’ll get to spend a full hour with other trans youths 🙂 I get to hang out with other parents too. Plus there’ll be pizza and pop which is a huge sell for a teenager.

I have no real news about my Dad. He was discharged from the hospital on Friday evening then was admitted again last night. The doctors are reasonably sure he has some sort of infection although multiple tests can’t find it. He’s on six different antibiotics ranging from broad spectrum ones to ones targeted specifically for things like lung infections and c diff (which thankfully came back negative). He is doing a lot better now and hopefully will continue to improve.


* This server is only available for youths whose parents belong to the Parents of Transgender Children support group. If you wish for your child to be a member of this server, you can request admittance once you belong to the parenting group. A link to the parenting group can be found on my resource page.

And the presents are bought!!!

Jeremy’s so excited for his birthday but now that I’ve bought his presents, I might be the one who’s more excited.

I got off work early today and decided to stop in at the local mall on my way home to check out HMV. I don’t think I’ve set foot in that store in the past 10 years and was a little overwhelmed when I entered. Lots of loud music, lots of rows and racks. I noticed gift items along a nearby wall then immediately discovered a Doctor Who lamp. There was a sales clerk walking past and I asked how much the lamp was. Sixty dollars… that lamp went right back. Jeremy already has two lamps, he really doesn’t need a third. That was when I realized he was carrying a TARDIS mug complete with a lid. This one to be exact…


“Oh wow,” I blurted, staring at his hands. “How much is the mug?” It was $25. I promptly took it. “My son will love this. He loves tea.”

“Here, why don’t I show you the rest of the Doctor Who items. I wouldn’t want you to miss any,” the clerk said enthusiastically. He proceeded to lead me around the store.

Now Jeremy’s getting the mug, a TARDIS bath towel, a Doctor Who t-shirt, a TARDIS bag (which claimed to be bigger on the inside), and a Minecraft Torch that can be placed on his wall. And I found a birthday card that says “Today is going to be so happy. Today is going to make all the other days jealous”… complete with sequined string balloons on the front. And my friend Lenny is mailing him tea so he’ll have something to drink from his mug. Very helpful considering how fast the kid goes through tea.

Whew… the party’s planned, the cake’s sorted out, the candle’s ready for spinning, musical pyrotechnics, and the presents are bought. All we need to do is give invitations to his two friends and wait for his actual day.

At least I don’t need to worry about Jeremy reading this. I read posts to him and he’ll make suggestions but he doesn’t actually read the blog. This is one post I just won’t mention 🙂