For my Ontario readers…

One more day. One more day until Ontario votes. Before you sit down to cast your vote, I want you to remember these things.

Doug Ford was the only member at city hall to vote against a homeless shelter for LGBTQ youths, the most marginalized and at risk people.

Doug Ford complained about a group home for autistic people, saying *they* should be out in the country somewhere instead of ruining property values. “Put them out on 43 acres so they can run around.” He does know they‘re people and not puppies, right?

Recently he was asked what he’d do for LGBTQ homeless youth and he responded that he’d lower their taxes. Because the homeless have such high taxes to begin with.

He *still* hasn’t decided if he’s going to march in the Toronto Pride parade. I’m betting he’ll decide on “no” as soon as the polls close.

He wants to get ride of rent controls. There used to be total rent controls. If I was paying $670 a month and moved out, the next person could only be charged $670, unless there were major upgrades. Mike Harris cut that and our rents have since skyrocketed. Ford now wants to cut the rent control that allows current tenants to only be charged a certain percentage of rent a year. For example, my rent increase was $38/m this year. If Ford has his way, you could be paying $1200/m and get a notice saying you’re now paying $1400/m. Ford claims that will *help* tenants. Help them right into shelters that is. Exactly how many people on disability and old age pension can he fit into homeless shelters? A fixed income doesn’t stretch just because the rent does.

He’s trying to buy votes with a $1 a beer campaign. Really? Is your vote really worth $1. Is your health care, your child’s education, really worth a $24 two-four?

He’s also running his personal business into the ground. How do you expect him to balance the budget if he can’t keep his own business up and running.

He went out in 2013 and bought votes from people in public housing for $20. Just went in with a wad of cash and started handing out money. He claimed it was a “gift”. Do you think he’s changed in the last 5 years. Do you think his ethics have improved?

We can’t afford Doug Ford. He’ll transform Ontario into a place that best serves his rich friends and will screw over everyone else.

Please vote wisely and make your voice heard. Thank you!

Tim Hortons…

I worked for eight years at Tim Hortons and only left because I went on disability. People talk about it being an easy job, you just have to stand at the cash register, but it’s not. You have to gauge how much coffee you need to have brewing and good luck if you underestimate because each pot takes five minutes. Heavy garbage bags need to be taken out back to the dumpster and boxes of cups and lids need to be brought in from the storage area.

It’s a job where you are on your feet for eight hours a day, aside from two fifteen minute breaks. Fifteen minutes. Picture eating your entire lunch in that time, as well as using the washroom and heating any food. And you’re expected to be back on the floor at the fifteen minute mark.

This is a job where you are constantly moving around. I have a Fitbit and I used to always hit my 10,000 steps at work. Every single shift. Some busy shifts, I hit my step goal before lunch.

Staff members are not allowed to talk to each other while on the floor. Even if it’s dead and there isn’t a single customer in sight. Even if you’re cleaning while you talk. The owner doesn’t like it. So if it’s quiet, there are tasks to do. Squeezing into the space the garbage can usually sits to clean the walls. Getting up on ladders to clean shelving units. Scrubbing fly specks off the menu boards. Sweeping the parking lot. Actually, sweeping the parking lot and changing all the outdoor bins was my daily job, which I enjoyed because it gave me a break from people.

I liked the people I worked with. I even liked the managers and supervisors. But I hated the don’t talk, don’t question attitude. Once every couple of months the owner would waltz in. He knew who we all were, I’ll give him that, but otherwise I have no idea what he did other than deep sea fishing. He must have done something but it was the managers I saw writing schedules, ordering supplies, and getting our paycheques ready.

In Ontario, Kathleen Wynne has raised the minimum wage up to $14/hr from $11.60. It’s then going to increase to $15 next year. The owner of my store used to time our yearly review and raise to coincide with the minimum wage increase. As if he couldn’t afford to give us a 20 cent an hour raise on top of the minimum wage. This increase jumps the hourly wage up by $3.40,  which is quite the raise. Talk about happiness for the workers, many of whom are mothers who could use the extra cash.

But not so fast. The owners are revolting. How dare they be expected to pay their staff anything near a living wage? They’re ranting about no longer paying for fifteen minute breaks, which is unethical. They’re also demanding that all tips go into the cash register, which is illegal. But who cares about illegal when your worker’s $3.40 wage increase are cutting into your deep sea fishing and vacation to France?

I know that Tim Hortons is everywhere and that they’re cheap and convenient. But McDonalds is everywhere too as well as smaller coffee shops. If you have a small local coffee shop, give them a try. It’ll only take an extra minute or two to walk in. Otherwise go to McDonalds or Starbucks. They haven’t complained about the wage increase yet.

There’s one thing the owners and CEO understand and that’s money. If it starts dropping they’re going to want to know why. And if people are being vocal about their attitude toward the raise, maybe they’ll pipe down and stop trying to screw over their employees. They are very easy to contact via email and that will let them know how the customers feel.

Thank you

Edited to add: It looks like Tim Horton’s head office is scolding the owners who are planning on cutting paid breaks and taking tip money. Hopefully they’ll convince the owners to follow the law.

How to make my block list…

… aka why school based sexual education for children is so important.

These comments happened in the middle of a discussion about Ontario’s new sexual education curriculum, during which poster #1 and #2 argued they could teach their children just fine at home, thanks. They’d have no problems teaching their children about “the birds and the bees” and could handle their questions without any outside assistance.

Meanwhile I, as usual, referred to Jeremy as my teen and used zie/zir pronouns…


Then came a specific question about what you would say if your eight year old child asked a pointed question like “what’s a blow job?”


Because answering questions honestly is “abuse”


Conventional families… what are those again?

I pointed out that she’d have a great deal of difficulty teaching her children about the LGBTQ community considering the ignorance she’d shown regarding trans issues.



transphobic4Between these posts were ones where Poster #1 claimed Jeremy would always be a male because of genitals, continually and intentionally misgendered zir repeatedly, and flat out stated she did not want her children to learn anything at all about the LGBTQ community. To make it more interesting, before I blocked her, she admitted she’d never even met Jeremy.

I commented in the thread that she was the perfect example for why mandatory school sexual education was needed and I stand by that statement. Luckily, and even more weirdly, it turns out that her children are nowhere near elementary school age. I figured she had preteens considering her 8 to 12 year old comment but her children are university age. Hopefully they’ve grown up to be less ignorant than their mother.

Ignorance is not a family value