Jeremy’s fabulous room…

Back in the spring I painted my bedroom and blithely announced that Jeremy’s room would be next. I figured we’d be painting zir room within the month but every time it was cleaned zie’d trash it within days. Plus I’d bring up painting and Jeremy would insist zir room was just fine the way it was and zie certainly didn’t need paint. Just buy zir a video game instead. Like zie needs any more.

I thought about how nervous I’d been when I first started painting. I was terrified I’d made a horrible mistake and I’d end up hating my room. The reverse was true. I settled down to tell Jeremy just that and promised it would be the same for zir. The next day we found purple floral sheers on clearance at Giant Tiger, which Jeremy loved, and then zie was tentatively on board.

We bought Palace Purple paint then settled into painting. Or more honestly, I settled into painting while Jeremy drew happy faces on the wall.

happy face

Jeremy was disappointed because I apparently took a picture of zir worst happy face.

After reminding zir a few times to focus and actually paint, I went into the kitchen to make dinner then came back to discover zie’d painted about three quarters of the room. I was right *jots this down in my calendar* Jeremy saw zir favourite colour and suddenly painting seemed a whole lot more important. I went to work the next day and came home to discover zie’d bought a new can of paint and was busily painting the final corners.

“Take a look around Mom. Can you see any spots I missed?” Jeremy asked as soon as I walked in the door. I peered inside with my work shoes still on.

“The trim there,” I said pointing at a pale spot on the wall, “and that corner there. Otherwise it looks good!” Zie quickly hurried to paint those last two spots.

We got all zir furniture back in place that night, which is good because zie was diagnosed with bronchitis the next day. Talk about timing! At least Jeremy could collapse into bed with all zir stuffed animals and not trip on paint supplies on zir way. The hardest part for me was I wasn’t there. Zie called me on my break to say zie really wasn’t feeling well and thought it would be good to see the doctor. I suggested which walk in clinic to visit then went back on the floor and waited for zir call. Jeremy’s both trans and autistic, I did not wait well, but the doctor was amazing and zie came home with a prescription for antibiotics (and had those filled too by the time I got home).

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in Canada. It’s a harvest festival loosely based on a minor religious celebration in England. I don’t know what it’s like there but here it’s a time for family feasts and going for walks to look at the autumn splendour. My parents came over for dinner and a short walk through the nearby park, short because my Dad hasn’t fully recovered from February. Then my Dad and Jeremy hung up zir new floral curtains.

installing the curtain rod

Everyone was suitably impressed that Jeremy’s drill has a built in light.

And, with that, Jeremy’s room was done. Well, done until zir next big project at least. This is zir room before…


The pictures were hung primarily to hide the holes left by the previous tenant, who had mounted some pretty heavy electronics. The blinds were from the previous tenant too.

And this is Jeremy’s room now…

the finished room

The paint’s not perfect and at some point zie’ll have to touch up the heater but it looks good and zie loves it. Jeremy picked it all out, from the paint colour to the wall art to the stuffed animals. This room is zirs…


… and it looks fabulous!

All that glitters…

I spent almost three years dithering over what paint to buy for my room. Not constantly of course, but every once in a while I’d look at the plain beige walls and think almost anything would be better. The problem was I couldn’t decide on a colour. I like green, but only certain shades and paint always looks different once it’s dry. Then one night I pondered the possibility of painting my room iridescent and remembered the glitter paint I’d seen at Wal-Mart. Two days later Jeremy and I were painting my room.

painting the wall

Jeremy painting one of my walls.

I settled on turquoise for my walls, green enough to make me happy without worrying it would end up drab or electric lime (feel free to use that as a band name). Then I picked up two cans of Disney Speck-Tacular finish figuring I could use one for my room and save one for Jeremy. I was so naive.

The first thing I noticed was when I opened the can. The reviews say the paint goes on milky. They neglect to mention that the paint looks white and slightly lumpy in the can. My mind went back to Wal-Mart and the other cans on the shelf; chalkboard finish and glow-in-the-dark. It was obviously too pale for any sort of chalkboard effect but definitely pale enough to glow. Had I bought the wrong can? A quick check of the label relieved me in that regard. Did it have the wrong label? Let’s just say my first roll was very hesitant. You can imagine my relief when I saw the lumps were actually bits of glitter.

The second thing I learned is that you only get enough glitter on the roller for one roll; the rest of the roller is clear. Of course like any paint, the roller is saturated when it hits the wall. You can cover quite a bit with one roll in the paint tray. But after that first roll the rest is going to be glitterless (and pointless).

Third… one tiny can does almost a whole wall. So much for a can for each of us. In reality I needed three. I have the master bedroom but it’s not that big, plus one wall consists of mainly my bedroom door and closet (which I didn’t glitter up) while the opposite wall is mostly the sliding glass doors onto my balcony. If you’ve got a typical room with four walls to paint, you might need a fourth can. The cans are $19 each (in Canada) so it gets pricey.

glitter brush

The brush and paint tray looked so pretty.

glitter hand

My fingers looked pretty too.

The fourth was quite irritating as it seemed like most of the glitter stuck to the bottom of the paint tray… which lead to some creative finger painting on my part. I ended up scooping glitter off the tray with my fingers and smearing it across the roller before rolling it on the wall. The glitter ended up in huge chunks which I then smeared around the wall with my fingers (again) until it was all decently spread out. I then used the roller to erase my finger marks. At nineteen dollars a can I wasn’t going to glitter up my Dad’s paint tray (which looks fabulous now despite my best efforts).

I discovered the fifth when we went to buy the third can. Yes, the can says it’s a clear finish. It should say “mostly clear” as the top coat dries a shade darker than the original paint, which means if you don’t paint right to the ceiling and floor, you are going to end up with very visible bands. I did a quick touch up at that point.

On the left is the paint with glitter and top coat, then there's the plain paint and finally the original colour. Courtesy of my laziness as I didn't paint inside the closet. My clothes won't care.

On the left is the paint with glitter and top coat, then there’s the plain paint and finally the original colour. Courtesy of my laziness as I didn’t paint inside the closet. My clothes won’t care.

Finally… my room looks fantastic!!!! The confetti glitter is fairly subtle (well, as subtle as iridescent confetti glitter can get) and looks amazing against the turquoise walls. Several people have commented that it gives my room an under the sea effect so if anyone’s got a hankering for a mermaid room, this is your chance. Luckily for my wallet, Jeremy no longer wants this finish as zie thought it would be metallic pieces of rainbow coloured confetti. So zie’s just painting zir room purple. I’m sure it’ll still look fabulous.

It's so sparkly!

It’s so sparkly!

And it's all finished!

And it’s all finished!

I should add, this is by no means a paid review. As far as I know Disney has no idea whatsoever who I am and, considering Emma was one of the only teens in her high school class who couldn’t name most of the Disney princesses, I figure I’m pretty far down the list of people they’d look at for reviews.