Party time!

Poor Jeremy. Zie absolutely loves parties but has an introvert for a mother so parties don’t happen nearly often enough for zir liking. Then I got an invitation to a Scentsy party. Scentsy, for the 99% of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, is a company that primarily sells electric warmers and scented wax. I’d been to a party a couple of months ago and Jeremy subsequently took about half the wax I bought. A party plus a product Jeremy likes seemed like a winning combination.

I had great plans for the day. We’d stop downtown to pick up lunch for Jeremy and then walk along a lovely creek side trail to the party. Except we ran out the door and left my debit card on the kitchen table… something I discovered while standing in the line for Jeremy’s lunch. Luckily I was able to promise zir food at the party.

Jeremy taking pictures of the early spring buds.

We had a lovely walk, chatting and joking around while Jeremy found us directions on zir phone. I didn’t have the heart to tell zir I’d been there before and knew the way. It wasn’t until we were three blocks away that zie started noticeably limping.

We’d gone shopping a few days earlier and zie’d ended up with blisters from last year’s sandals. I’d bought zir a new pair but a couple of the blisters were rubbing and had gotten worse.

The poor kid was in obvious pain by the time we got to the party but recovered well as soon as zir sandals were off… then zie was set for the party to begin.

The hostess wasn’t nearly ready for Jeremy. Her husband sat on the couch, mostly ignoring us and watching a car show, while all the other guests were female. Last time a couple of guests had brought their husbands but they were barely involved in the party, only occasionally sniffing wax if it was offered to them. She had Jeremy pegged as male and more likely to sit on the couch, talking about engines. Jeremy likes cars but was a lot more interested in the wax. Zie looked over at my clipboard of goodies and immediately wanted to know where zirs was. Much to my relief, the hostess immediately offered zir one.

While Jeremy was underwhelmed by the baskets of wax samples and their accompanying paperwork, zie was more than ready for the rest of the party. The two of us ended up in a massive competition for the Scentsy Diva tiara, a plastic crown which was won and worn by yelling “scentsy diva” any time the word “scentsy” was said. By the end we were just trading it back and forth. And, of course, Jeremy was the final winner, earning a prize and the title of diva. Zie wore the tiara for an extra half hour, just because, and got a few puzzled looks from the husband of the hostess, who seemed confused by a flamboyant teen in a tiara who wanted to chat about cars and computers.

Zie rocked this tiara!

Zie rocked this tiara, later telling zir sister that zie was born to be a princess.

At the end of the party, the hostess offered gifts to anyone who wanted to host a party of their own. Jeremy was shocked that I didn’t immediately jump to host one. Zie’s probably the only person on the planet who’d be surprised. Almost all my friends are online, which doesn’t help in the case of real physical parties. I might surprise Jeremy and have a party anyway as I’ve got a few coworkers who seem interested. One thing’s for certain though, I’ll need to make sure we have a tiara. I’m reasonably sure Jeremy thinks that’s a mandatory Scentsy item. Maybe I can find one in purple.

Not exactly a birthday update…

So far I have heard nothing from the two teens who were invited to Jeremy’s birthday party. My number is on the invitations and I called P’s mother as well and left a message. *Cue crickets chirping* Jeremy doesn’t seem to care either way; that could be because this is only one of three birthday celebrations for him.

We’re going to my parents’ house on Wednesday and having a birthday barbecue there, complete with an ice cream cake. Jeremy’s cousins, grandparents, and his aunt will be there as well. A nice family celebration.

Thursday’s his actual birthday. We already planned on going to our favourite Thai restaurant for lunch and, since it looks like tomorrow’s party will be a bust, we’re going go-karting that day too. Then we’ll have homemade cake for dessert that night.

Back in January Jeremy picked out a flower candle for his cake. Not just any flower though, you light the main candle and it lights all the others while the flower unfolds and spins to music. It’s pretty pink pyrotechnics… I’ve got a video of it in this post. Then we settled on chocolate cake and I told him he could pick the colour of the frosting. He chose purple with purple sprinkles because that’s his favourite colour. It dawned on me today that he’s having a bright purple cake topped with a huge bubblegum pink flower. I might as well just slap a Barbie on top and call it a day.

And so, while it looks like the friend birthday party is a bust, he’s still got enough birthday celebrations to keep him happy. And I can’t wait until he opens his TARDIS mug and Doctor Who t-shirt.

This is new…

Every year since Jeremy was old enough to talk, he’s had huge plans for his birthday. The plans start around Christmas, usually a little before but sometimes a little after. Then the next half a year is spent scaling him down to something affordable.

His biggest party was his 11th birthday. He insisted it had to be something big and memorable because both numbers were the same and that wasn’t going to happen again for a long time. The long time was only eleven years, but since that was his entire lifetime I decided not to argue. That year I had a Build a Bear party for him.

This year he wants to invite two friends Go-Karting at a local indoor activity centre. That’s definitely feasible. They can each get three turns go-karting then come here for dinner and a swim. So all seems to be planned… except for the cake.

Every single year Jeremy has planned something big for his cake. Back in January he saw an ice cream Jaffa cake and loved it but that’s no longer being sold. His next request was a working TARDIS cake, which lead me to inform him I’d made the cake, it was up to him to find out which time and dimension it was in. Even a non-working one is beyond my skills. He had no other suggestions.

I mentioned at work today that I needed to find a cake for Jeremy’s birthday. One middle aged coworker perked right up.

“I know,” she said enthusiastically. “Boob cakes! We used to make them at my old work.”

Even if Jeremy was interested in breasts, I didn’t think that would be an appropriate cake for me to make him. I only shared the latter part with her.

When I got home, I went online and showed Jeremy several videos of cakes being decorated. He wasn’t interested in any of them. Although he was willing to say maybe a pie would be okay. Jeremy doesn’t like pie, other than a peanut butter pudding pie I made a few years ago. I dug out my peanut butter pudding recipe and figured I could make it vegan. He agreed that sounded good but wasn’t enthusiastic. Which means he didn’t really want it.

While I’ve been writing this, I got onto the Silk website and started browsing for any sort of cake recipes. Then I stumbled upon a vanilla bean ice cream recipe which sounded good and remembered how excited Jeremy was about that Jaffa ice cream cake.

“Jeremy?” I called. “I found a recipe for vegan vanilla bean ice cream. If it works, would you like an ice cream cake for your birthday?”

“Yes!!!” he shouted back enthusiastically.

I searched up ice cream cake recipes and came up with an Oreo ice cream cake. Oreos are vegan and if I’m going to make a cake, I want to be able to eat some of it too. Jeremy loves Oreos. He was just as enthusiastic about the cake recipe.

Back in January, we bought a special candle. This is going to be one heck of a cake:

So this is new in two ways. The first being that Jeremy had no idea what cake to have for his birthday, only a month away from the actual occasion. And the second by finding out what cake he wanted while writing this blog entry.