Oh my goodness it’s Flashback Friday!!!

I almost forgot about Flashback Friday (like the last couple of weeks) but I remembered and it was before the day gets too hectic. This is one of my favourite pictures of Colin. I took it on the swings at Canada’s Wonderland, before they banned cameras on the ride. Isn’t he so sweet!

Colin on the swings

Jeremy’s hair…

I’ve been wanting to do a scrapbooking layout of Jeremy’s hair, featuring all the different colours he’s gone through over the past half year. This latest shade of purple is a different hue than the last and I figured I should get a shot of it while it’s still fresh.

Jeremy was underwhelmed by the thought of leaving his Minecraft game but went outside willingly. He walked a few steps ahead of me then stopped, still facing away from the camera.

“Umm, Jeremy, you need to face me,” I pointed out as I tugged on his shoulder.

He turned around, looking disappointed. “It’s not for the blog?” he asked.

“Sure, I’ll do a shot for the blog too,” I assured him.

So here it is, a photo of Jeremy’s purple hair. He’s holding one of our cats (the one he’s taught how to give hugs).

Jeremy's purple hair

Jeremy’s photos…

Jeremy came back from CanUUdle late last night, bouncing with excitement and giggling madly over jokes that made no sense; a lack of sleep likely accounted for the latter. He had a great time. They swam, went to a park, and played capture the flag. He loved the hot tub more than the pool, although it only seated eight (which is eight more than our imaginary one can seat). I asked him if he wore his pyjamas and he looked at me in bewildered surprise before saying “yes”.

“Did anyone say anything?” I asked, trying to sound casual. His look of bewilderment increased.

“No. I just put them on and hopped into my sleeping bag. I was the first one asleep.”

Considering how late Jeremy stays up, they must have stayed up really late.

And Jeremy took pictures. Lots of pictures. 139 to be exact. None of them were people, he says he hadn’t asked for permission to take anyone’s picture. Almost none of them were scenery so I have no real idea of where he was or what he saw. I also need to show him how to use the macro setting of the camera as most of the pictures ended up being nothing but a huge blur. But he did take some interesting shots.




Here, he made an attempt at a macro shot. I know he’s seen me do similar. What he didn’t realize was I had the camera on super macro and my hand actually wasn’t in the shot. It was a good attempt though.