Introducing us…

Julie was very concerned about privacy when I started this blog so I promised we would use pseudonyms and hide our faces. But we haven’t hid our faces in over a year and I share this blog under my real name on Facebook in several groups. And the trolls know our real names too. So here is us.

Julie’s real name is Emma, which is the name I chose for her at birth. Her previous pseudonym, Jeremy, was the name I’d picked for her sister if she’d been a boy. Her birth name (now dead name) is Colin.

Emma’s real name is Kait. Obviously, when I picked out our fake names, I had no idea Colin would pick her pseudonym as her real name. It didn’t cause much confusion in real life because, well, we never use pseudonyms in real life. It did, however, cause a bit of confusion online.

My name isn’t Michelle, it’s Kathleen. The name Michelle had no meaning whatsoever. It’s just the name Colin picked at random one night when I asked for a fake name.

The cats all go by their real names and so does the frog LOL.

And my sister Karen is really Jen.

So there you have it. Kathleen, Kait, Emma, and my not very often mentioned sister Jen. Now off to update everything!