Casting opportunity from MTV…

If anyone’s interested and qualifies. I don’t qualify as the biggest secret I’ve kept from my kids is where I hide the chocolate chips.

*looks at empty chocolate chip bag on the computer desk*

Umm… moving on. Here’s the information:


NOW CASTING – Parents & Their Not-Quite-Adult Children!

Are your kids growing up fast and think they know it all – but you know they still need to learn a thing or two from you?

Parents – we all know you weren’t always perfect and made your share of mistakes! Are there lessons you learned the hard way that you want to impart to your children before they head out into the world on their own?

Do your kids have specific curiosities about your past or their childhood that you thought they were too young to hear before but maybe now it’s time to be open and honest?

Email with a little about your story, tell us about yourself and your kids, and what lessons from your life you want to impart to them. Please include a few recent pictures.

This is a PAID opportunity to be featured in an airing pilot on MTV.