Home tiny home…

Everyone kept telling me I should take my time unpacking but anxiety just wouldn’t let me do that. So many boxes… so many bags of wrappings. But it’s pretty much done now. Just two more boxes to go into my hutch.

I could natter all day long but I know what people have been waiting for (mainly because you keep telling me). Pictures. Enjoy!


My kitchen’s a little on the small side but it works for me. I made hot and sour soup in here yesterday and it was so good!

family photos

My family photo wall. I still have a few more to add but need nails first

kitchen table

My kitchen table and a bonus cat. I think it’s Lara

top of hutch

My dining room hutch. The sign says “Just Breathe” and I love my little sloth on a rainbow!

living room2

My living room. I was going to get a futon but decided the room is much too small

living room1

This shows the room size a bit better

fairy garden

My fairy garden. Someone told me they had dry moss come back alive so I’ve been misting it regularly

bathroom decor

I’m sure everyone’s seen bathrooms before so I’ll just share the wall art and a bit of the shower curtain

Nana's vase and roses

My Nana’s vase and roses. She loved those roses because they have clear droplets on the petal and she thought it looked like rain.


And last but not least, my bedroom. My Mom made the needlepoint picture on the far left

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I’ll be posting again soon!