Leaving Hope front coverSeventeen year old Aren has a secret that’s about to shatter her world.

Aren and her friends are half-elven; ostracized by a society that sees them as less than human and by their mayor who has his own personal reasons to dislike the fae. Now their mayor has declared himself king, despite having no royal blood. His goal is to take over the country and claim Avenna’s abandoned throne.

His first proclamation declares it treasonous to lie with one of the fae. Any resulting baby is proof of this treason and both the mother and child will die. The fae man Aren slept with hasn’t returned in moon turns and her Papa is dying, neither one can help her now.

She turns to her friend Toby, who has his own secret to hide, and begs him to claim her unborn baby as his, setting into motion a chain of events foreseen and manipulated by the fae.

While their new king places increasingly stronger restrictions on the half-elven, a variation of the church appears, one which paints anyone with fae blood as vermin to exterminate.

Now Aren and her friends are tangled in the webs the fae have woven, and trapped by the king’s laws and the church. They hope to survive, but can they make it out of Hope alive?

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