Baby rabbits…

aka What I get when I ask my friends for blog ideas LOL

I wasn’t going to broach this subject because I don’t have pet rabbits and have never had them. The closest I’ve got is owning two guinea pigs and watching the wild bunny in my parents’ backyard. Oh and that traumatic time a neighbourhood child killed a bunny in front of most of the kids on the street, but I’ll skip that experience.

There are, however, two serious issues that have to do with bunnies so I decided to run with them. The first one, for people who are actually having warm weather, are bunny nests. Some bunnies build burrows underground but their slightly less savvy cousins simply dig a bowl shape into the ground and cover their babies with pulled grass. So, if you’re mowing your lawn and see a patch of grass that’s brown and messy, don’t just assume it’s from dog urine. There could be babies under there.


The second issue has to do with Easter. I get it, baby bunnies are seriously cute with their soft fur and little twitchy noses. And Easter practically revolves around baby bunnies and chicks.

I’m not going to stop you from getting a bunny but please be aware of their down side. Bunnies are very timid creatures who can have a heart attack simply with the shock of a sudden loud noise. While children are pretty much noise in a people suit.

They need to have plenty of space and time to roam around outside their cage. The bunnies, not children, although I’m sure there’s many days parents wish children had a crate option. They also love to chew, especially on wires and cords. And, while some can be litter trained, many cannot and they poop about a hundred or more times a day. Something I never thought I’d google. And you thought you were sweeping and vacuuming a lot already.

They need timothy hay to eat alongside their food and I can tell you as the former owner of two guinea pigs, hay gets everywhere. Plus rabbits are very fragile. You can break their back easily with a low fall. Kids aren’t known for their coordination, especially if they’re holding something wiggly.

If you want a pet rabbit, by all means do your research and get one. Making sure it’s kept safe if there are children involved. If you’re buying one for your children it would be better for everyone’s sake to buy each of them a stuffed bunny. Because nothing makes Easter suck more than having one of your kids accidentally kill their new pet.

And there you go Charlotte and Maria, a post for you 🙂